A quick glimpse at the UK Campaign party in Cannes last week, including a few words from Michael McLaren on why he attends Cannes. 

While the video entitled him Creative Executive, Michael is CEO of MRM//McCann - but, after three days in Cannes, everyone’s a Creative… 

Last night was my last in Cannes. Everything was moving so fast this week that it was easy to forget there was an end to it all.

Between the last seminars, sessions, and packing I was unexpectedly given the opportunity to sit in on Michael McLaren’s interview with French marketing publication, Stratégies Magazine. Listening while our company CEO expounded upon our company marketing model and his outlook for the future of our work and the industry was the greatest learning experience of my entire trip.

To wrap it all up, McCann Worldgroup hosted a Barefoot at the Beach Party, where I was able to hobnob and garner face time with some of our best and brightest, chatting casual over rosé as though I had anywhere near the same level of experience and understanding. While I was able to recognize the mismatch an assistant account executive has in accomplishments and merits among these luminaries, I am grateful for every conversation as that was never a hindering point. I was able to take advice away from each and every interaction that I will carry with me as I progress my career.

I think the biggest thank you goes out to Sue and Erin who are absolutely incredible - the support and guidance they supplied throughout the week on top of their other duties was extraordinary to say the least. I can’t thank them enough for everything (especially for ensuring that everyone at the festival knew who I was and had at least three of my business cards).

And just like that, once it begins it’s all over. Cannes has been an absolutely amazing experience and it won’t be difficult to carry the same creative energy and imaginative air with me back to Detroit.

Au Revoir 

Traveling from seminar to seminar at Cannes gives you a chance to see some cool new tech and software as numerous vendors and partners have displays surrounding the Palais. One of the oddities I ran across was the Ipsos Real Eyes Emotion Mirror. The mirror reflects a computerized image of your own face (which floats there eerily similar to the magic mirror in Snow White) and accurately distinguishes 4 key human emotions simply based on facial expressions - confusion, disgust, happiness, and surprise. The software offers advertisers a chance to get instant feedback to how consumers feel when viewing online or out of home ads.

“It’s not just advertising… it’s integrating people together, 23 countries playing on one table… it’s the first digital, physical and socially interacting game in the real world.”

Dominik Heinrich, Creative Director MRM//McCann Frankfurt, joins us on the terrace in Cannes to discuss the recent launch of their Lidl project.

Play the game here - Lidl Fan Cup

Go behind the scenes - Constructing the Lidl Experience

One of the best parts of Cannes is the ability to pull together teams from around the globe to celebrate the innovations and creative work done throughout the year. This year, MRM//McCann CEO Michael McLaren asked everyone to join him for breakfast to take a look at our presence at the awards show, what makes great creative, and future goals for Cannes. With team members joining us from 8 different offices worldwide for the breakfast, the experience was a wonderful learning opportunity for all. 

His & Her Perspective // How Brands Can Use Images to Close the Gender Gap

Image anthropologist Pam Grossman, director of visual trends at Getty Images, and award-winning journalist Jessica Bennett, contributing editor for the women’s empowerment nonprofit Lean In, examine the changing relationship we have with images – and how we can all use our creativity to shape the future.

Erin Hughes, Manager, Global Brand Communications @ MRM//McCann joins me with a guest post to provide her pov on this session, along with mine (his).

His Perspective



Attending the Getty Images #RePicture seminar was an enlightening opportunity. It was a chance to step outside my own perspective and reevaluate how visual language shifts perceptions on gender and power.

"Images have become a social currency" Lean In contributing editor Jessica Bennett started off, "we live in a time where American teenagers spend an average of 11 hours a day consuming some form of media." She proceeded to educate us that research has shown the more media consumed, the less options a girl feels she has in life. By sexualizing and portraying them in ancillary roles young women feel limited in social opportunities.


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